Creative Director, Advertising & Marketing Consultant

Invoking and imprinting seeds of ideas into the deep conscious into the eye of the beholder and modify their perspective to make a difference is what every inch of my ideas portraits. The Creative Director can handle any theme to reach the desired success of advertising, branding and marketing communications with the uniqueness required.

Business Storytelling

Business Storyteller - Films & Videos

The notion of creating an idea into the mind of the masses is what business storytelling in advertising and marketing communications are all about. Perfection got infinite definition and only the specialized Creative Director can provide the perfect perspective to resonate true success of a brand, product or services.

Art Collector & Fine Art Photographer

Photography is a language that speaks a thousand words and photograph with a unique perspective create an impact. This is where a Fine Art Photography steps in to recreate a notion of intended experience with a deep connection to create an impact. Passion to nourish an idea or concept to bring out with its potential with perfection is what I achieve through Photography.


Most relationships require a sense of belonging and connect with them. The relationship between a consumer and business is no different. Simply reaching your audience and conveying what you sell doesn’t work anymore. The face of marketing has changed and it requires businesses to show much more than just the product benefits.

Best of marketing pitches won’t generate desired results until they are accompanied with emotional value of the business.


While much has changed in marketing, few essentials still hold their value. Amongst them are these three values which are necessary to connect with your audience.

Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant, work with both thoughts and emotions to establish an enduring connection between your business and your consumers.

Sarath ensures that your message is conveyed to your people, how you and they expect it to.


The evolution in marketing and its perspective has been undeniable. From being simple and direct, it demands a lot more effort by the brand to reach its target audience. Unlike earlier times, it is no more confined to limited platforms and pitches. The digital touch and changing the perspective of consumers has completely transformed the look of marketing.

As the biggest of brands are struggling hard, Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant realised the seriousness and impact of this change. We then decided to decode it, and here’s what has changed:

  1. Segmented audience:

    The term audience is no more limited to people of similar interests and demands. The target audience of the brand includes people with different thoughts and expectations and so have to be approached differently. Holistic and distinguished marketing approach is what’s required.

  2. Multiple platforms:

    It’s the time of omni channel and multi-device marketing. The mediums have split into digital and social media platforms. While this has made reaching to the target audience much easier, alongside it has also made it necessary to connect with the people, wherever and everywhere possible.

  1. Amplified consumer thoughts:

    The consumer thoughts and demands have gained its own significant voice (and are displayed as tweets and social media comments). Brands are expected to ensure seamless customer communication, both pre and post sales.

Consumers are way ahead of many marketers now. They know what and how they want. Herein, if brands stick to the conventional ways of approaching their segmented audience, the struggle will get worse. Those marketers who thrive will be the ones who market and connect with the audience basis their people’s terms. This is what we will help you ensure.

Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant strive to bring stability and focus on the evolving landscape. We help you convey your message, prioritising your prospects and in a way that ensures it is heard and understood by your people.

Allow us to connect you with your potential business opportunities in the newer and much effective way.

Marketing to Female consumers

Marketing to women
Marketing to women

Gender might be a blind spot in marketing, but one cannot deny the difference in perspective female consumers has. Women drive the majority of consumer spending, almost 85%.

On the other hand, around 91 percent of female consumers agree that marketers don’t understand them. This is where marketing should be honed in. This is what we understand and we seek to achieve, ‘marketing to women, the right way’.

Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant are an agency that can envision this. We know how female consumers rely on a brand that understands their intent of purchasing a product. They look forward for a meaningful connection with the business.

Female marketing is not about ‘pinks’ and ‘patronizing’ women. They tend to purchase with all senses that includes sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste. This is what a brand’s message should ensure.

We as an agency make sure that your brand takes part in one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer markets, women.

Marketing Lifestyle Brands

Each brand has its own distinguished perspective and intent. It’s through marketing that brands sought to display their distinctiveness. Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant as an agency also realize how each brand is different and requires its own unique marketing approach.

The days of attracting consumers with vibrant colours, special discounts and outbound marketing efforts are history. Consumers don’t want to be ‘sold to’ right away, they seek engagement first.

The brands who have nailed the marketing today have understood what their consumers crave for. They provide that brand credibility, loyalty and benefits just the way their people want it. It’s no more about selling but convincing your audience for your brand and then for your product. Associate with consumers the way they expect and not how you like to, here, understanding your people is the first step.

Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant, help your business speak your people’s language, both visually and verbally to convey your message the right (credible) way.

Right people, right time, right marketingㄧ that’s how it works for us and for your business as well.

Emotional connect is the key

Emotional Marketing
Emotional Marketing

Brand loyalty and credibility has become more of a moving target than it was in the past. Conveying consumers about your product doesn’t suffice anymore, businesses have to take a step ahead. Convincing them about your business and earning their trust is much more important.

Here, establishing a personal and emotional connection with consumers is the key. Transformed marketing is all about constructing a two-way conversation between the brand and its consumers. For a successful brand establishment (marketing), it is important to hear and understand the voice of your people.

Sarath Raj Creative Director & Marketing Consultant, understand it all. We realise the intent of businesses, the expectation of the consumers and together we can create a successful marketing approach.

We’ll help you create the much needed emotional connection with your consumers, just like we wish to have one with you. It all starts with identifying your prospects, understanding their expectations, and aiming to fulfill them. Innovative and effective marketing strategies are what’s required here, and this is exactly what we serve.

We’ll help your people realise why you’re a brand they can trust and grow with.

Targeting the potential audience

Our agency's identification of your target audience doesn’t work on assumptions but on research and experiences. We realise that business audience is segmented not only geographically or demographically but on much minute levels.

They might be widespread but they are there. It’s all about identifying those differences between one set of audience and then targeting them with an approach they would rather connect with. We work for this by understanding the primary stats and implementing our expertise for a better learning of your audience.

Target audience is a bunch of potential business opportunities. Knowing your potential people is must to generate the desired results from your best marketing strategies. We help you define your target audience and then build a tailored marketing approach, the one suitable for your brand and audience.

Remember, right marketing is not about you, it’s about your people. Just like for us, it’s about you and your brand.

What else we facilitate:

  • Content Marketing
  • Branded Content Creation
  • Creative Direction
  • Advertising Design & Production
  • Retail Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy & Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Photography & Film Production

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